Hilltop Radio No.65

Forecast: Listen To Me

A mix heavy with 80’s nostalgia. Not so much the synth 80’s but rather the guitar pop version. There are a lot of oldies here as well as bands from the era that are still producing. There is also a bunch of bands that just could have been around then. The mix starts with “Just A Girl” and early track by the unequaled Pale Fountains. The East Village and In Embrace tracks are from a C87 compilation from last year. We then get Yo La Tengo, The Primary Five and then The Boy Hairdressers, an early track by Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake. A new track from The Jazz Butcher followed by Monochrome Set and a brand new track from the Bats. GBV’s Tobin Sprout is up next, followed by The Blue Aeroplanes, Pete Astor and Hooton Tennis Club. I was going to add a recent Close Lobster’s track but it was almost ten minutes long, so I opted for a shorter, older tune. Another C87 track from The Clouds and then an old track from The Jacobites. The Clean’s David Kilgour then covers “Message To Pretty” by Love. “Serious Drugs by BMX Bandits (who at the time was featuring Norman Blake). At the time I took the song to be an actual prescription and acted accordingly. The next song is an early offering from our kid. It is also one of the few times I stared down a blank sheet of paper without a single idea and wrote the lyrics in 15-20 minutes (while our kid had an early rehearsal with Davey and the Brain). Ballboy was one of those bands that came and went that I never knew about until the ‘went” part already happened. “Dreamland” is from down under’s Moles. Rachel is an acoustic version of a fave track from last year’s Wedding Present album. We then have a couple of tracks from ex Orange Juice guitarists. The mix ends with a collaboration between Paul Haig and Billy Mackenzie from the Associates.

The Pale Fountains – Just A Girl
East Village – Her Father’s Son
In Embrace – This Brilliant Evening
Yo La Tengo -Avalon Or Someone Very Similar
The Primary Five – Make Believe
The Boy Hairdressers – Golden Showers
The Jazz Butcher – Shame About You
Monochrome Set – Oh, Your Such A Star
The Bats – Diamonds
Tobin Sprout – Wedding Song
The Blue Aeroplanes – Beautiful Is As Beautiful Does
Pete Astor – The Getting There
Hooton Tennis Club Katy-Anne Bellis
Close Lobsters – Violently Pretty Face
The Clouds – Get Out Of My Dream
Jacobites – Pin Your Heart
David Kilgour – Message To Pretty
BMX Bandits – Serious Drugs
Too Far Gone – Perfect Conclusion
King Creosote – Surface
Ballboy – I Died For Love
Moles – Dreamland
Wedding Present – Rachel (Acoustic Version)
Malcolm Ross – One More Day
James Kirk – Any Old Iron (Part 1)
Paul Haig & Billy Mitchell – Listen To Me

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