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Hilltop Radio No.26

Forecast: a big bunch of faves

Not sure what the theme would be here, just a bunch of my faves. I want to say recent faves, but I’m old and recent is a soft term for me these days and most of songs on this list go a ways back.

The Primary 5 – Mailman
I Was A King – Norman Bleik
Teenage Fanclub – It’s All In My Mind
Of Might And Main – Off The Grid
J Mascis – Stumble
Wilco – I’m Always In Love
King Creosote – The Night Of The Bonfire
Artic Monkeys – Despair In The Departure Lounge
Pete And The Pirates – She Doesn’t Belong To Me
The Vaselines – The Lonely LP
Comet Gain – The Last Love Letter
Jonny – Circling The Sun
Lightships – Every Blossom
Tim Keegan – On A Good Day
Foxygen – Coulda Been My Love
The Spinanes – Greetings From The Sugar Lick
Bob Forrest – Saint Dude
Avi Buffalo – Two Chreished Understandings
International Airport – Association! Channel Mash
Robyn Hitchcock – Ferries
Vic Godard & Subway Sect – Happy Go Lucky Girl
Airport Girl – Hey! Crayola
Departure Lounge – Untitled
Alexis Taylor – Our Last Night Together
Sweet Apple – Dead Moon

Hey! always be buying music!